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How Not to Make Small Talk: The Unauthorized Rules for Inoffensive Small Talk

HowNotToMakeSmallTalkReady to have the best forgettable conversations of your life?

In this anti self-help guide, instead of showing people how to do something well, we cut through the crap to show you how not to do something well. How Not to Make Small Talk blends humor and ridiculousness to deliver the worst possible solutions to common blunders in everyday conversations. Featuring topics that should be off limits, suggestions that are slightly horrible and lists of alternatives for any conversation.

In these chapters, you’ll discover:

  • Lists of divisive topics, tactics, and annoying things to say
  • Whether or not you’re giving main character energy or if you’re the perpetrator of bad conversations
  • A bunch of jokes you can deliver as a wake up call to aging relatives

Available in hardcover, softcover, kindle, and as an audiobook.