Current Links on The Gig or Sharing Economy

artisthood_logo_ah_test_v1_smallAnd it’s difficult to measure how artists are using these new opportunities to their benefit. We see a lot of doom and gloom in terms of articles like this one: The Gig Economy is Screwing Over Workers and The Gig Economy has Grown Fast-and That’s a Problem for Workers  and Lastly we’re interested to see this article on Juno, who is taking on Uber in order to treat their drivers better. But it’s difficult as so many of the recent articles are framed around either the technology or people who are working these gig jobs full time. We are hunting for links and stories about creators who are using these new avenues to help them in their creative lifestyle. This read Apped to be Screwed is a good start.

Clearly there is a lot of change happening, we just noticed that LinkedIn has joined the discussion and are interested to see how our creative readers are using that to their benefit. We also are interested to see which companies are participating in the good work code.

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